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Ruling on calling the baby Azaan (Adhaan)


Publication : 06-12-2011

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My mother in law suggested name Azaan' for my son but I'm confused as to whether I should agree to it or not. My concern is when the baby does poo or he pees, there will be many stances when I will have to use the name Azaan with pooh or pee while talking to others for example: Azaan did poo or Azaan pee'd. I'm also concerned about nick names that one uses out of love by changing the original name for example, Azzoo or Azzi etc. And one day mother-in-law said to her daughters meet ALLAH HO-AKBAR. (by pointing at my son because she is calling him with name Azaan).I am worried if other kids will make fun of him the same way my mother-in-law did. Actually i really wanted to named my baby Ahsan. this is my one of the biggest desires and husband knows about it but he still not respecting my little desire. i have never asked him anything else except two times meal. But i have asked this thing but he listened to his mother. My concern is, i am also a mother ALHAMDULILAH and i went through with two c-section two years, i even don't have a tiny value that he respect my wish. I asked him to name my first baby Ahsan but he didn't and for the second one he did the same thing. I have cried for a whole month and still cries some time when ever i think about it or he calls him with this name. Please advise me, what is right and what is wrong. I'm hoping to find an answer to my question as I need proper advice and evidence that it is alright to use as the name. If not, I should be able to explain why it is not appropriate.


Praise be to Allah.


In the answer to question no. 1692, we have listed names that are mustahabb, makrooh and haraam. 


It is not prescribed to call the baby Adhaan, because the Adhaan comes under the heading of words and phrases that point to the Oneness of the Creator, may He be glorified and exalted. So it refers to an act of worship and one of the manifest symbols of Islam, like salaah (prayer) and Hajj. Based on that, it is not prescribed to give this name to the baby. 

The meaning that you referred to in your question is correct, which is that this name may lead to things that are not acceptable according to sharee‘ah. 

It should be noted that naming the child is the right of the father, not the mother, but nevertheless he should consult the mother concerning this matter and give consideration to her wishes, so that this will not be a cause of disputes and divisions. 

What is required is to choose a good name for the baby. 

And Allah knows best.

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