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‘Iddah of a woman who did not know that her husband has died


Publication : 26-04-2010

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My question is: there is a woman whose husband was working in a foreign country. The husband died and the wife did not learn that he had died until six months later. Does the wife have to observe ‘iddah in this case? What is the evidence?.


Praise be to Allah.

The ‘iddah of a woman whose husband dies is considered to start from the moment of death, and depends on the woman’s situation. If she is pregnant, her ‘iddah lasts until she gives birth. If she is not pregnant and she is free, her ‘iddah lasts for four months and ten days. If she is a slave her ‘iddah lasts for two months and five days. If she did not learn of her husband’s death until six months later, then her ‘iddah ended before she came to know.

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Source: Islam Q&A