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She took medicine and did tawaf one day after her menses ended, then after doing ‘umrah she noticed a brownish discharge. Is her ‘umrah valid?


Publication : 21-06-2022

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I went to do ‘umrah in Ramadan, and my monthly period came. In order not to miss out on doing ‘umrah I took medicine to stop my period, and it stopped for one day, and on the following day I went to do the rituals of ‘umrah and I prayed Taraweeh, and cut my hair. After that, I went to the bathroom and noticed a spot of light blood that was yellowish in colour. I asked a shaykh about that and he told me to repeat it. The following day, I did not see any other discharge, so I did ghusl again, and I went and did the rituals again, and exited ihram again. My question is: is what I did correct? What about cutting the hair the first time? My second question is: it was written on the box of this medicine that it could cause bleeding in the uterus a few days after taking it, similar menstrual bleeding, and in fact that happened a few days later, but I regarded it as istihaadah (irregular bleeding), and I fasted and prayed as usual during these days. Do I have to do anything?


Praise be to Allah.


So long as the bleeding stopped completely and you became pure, you must do ghusl, and resume fasting and praying. What you saw of yellow or brownish spots is of no significance, because no attention is to be paid to the brownish discharge after the period ends, because of the hadith of Umm ‘Atiyyah (may Allah be pleased with her), who said: We did not regard the brownish and yellowish discharge after the end of menses as being of any significance.

Please see the answers to questions no. 5595 and 106567 .

So your ‘umrah is valid, and your cutting your hair after it was valid, and by doing that you exited completely from ihram for ‘umrah, praise be to Allah.


With regard to the bleeding that occurred a few days after using this medicine, and not being certain whether it was menses or not:

If it had the characteristic features of menses, then it was menses.

If it did not have those characteristic features, then it was irregular bleeding that did not make it disallowed to fast or pray.

If the matter was uncertain, and doctors determined that it was not menses, their opinion concerning that carries weight.

And Allah knows best.

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