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Do the dead see the angels and the jinn?


Publication : 04-05-2003

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We know that the angels can see humans but humans cannot see angels or jinn. What about the dead?.


Praise be to Allah.

When a person dies, the his time of reckoning has started, and Allah knows best about the details of this situation. There is no way for us to know anything about the details of that except through sound texts and reports from Allah or His Messenger. There is evidence that the dying person sees the Angel of Death and his helpers, and that when he dies he sees Munkar and Nakeer, and that they make him sit up and question him in the grave. 

For more information see question no. 843 and 14610

What we must do is to stop at what is indicated by the texts and believe in it. As for anything over and beyond that, we say that Allah knows best about it. 

With regard to the jinn, there is no evidence to suggest that the dead can see them. It seems that they are like humans and the dead cannot see them. 

Whatever the case, the Muslim should strive to seek that which will benefit him, and refrain from delving deeply into matters that will not bring him any benefits in his religious affairs. He should spend his time pondering that which will strengthen his faith and prepare him for the terrors which come after death. 

And Allah knows best.

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