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Shares in telecommunications and service companies


Publication : 30-06-2008

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What is the ruling on buying shares in telecommunications companies, knowing that these companies provide services for businesses that deal in haraam things such as riba-based banks etc, and by means of which other haraam services are also offered, such as telephone gambling, 700 numbers for listening to music and songs, etc., as well as many permissible services as is well known?.


Praise be to Allah.

The Muslims should keep away from doubtful matters and avoid getting involved in mixed earnings. Whoever insists on buying shares in them has to get rid of the haraam part of his earnings by studying the matter, asking questions and trying his best to find out, and then taking action based on what he thinks is most likely. 

We ask Allaah to make us content with that which He has permitted so that we will have no need of that which He has forbidden, and to make us independent of means by His bounty so that we will have no need of anything else.

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