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If something entrusted to a person is damaged or lost without any deliberate mishandling on his part, he is not obliged to provide compensation


I was going on a journey, and someone entrusted me with some money to give it to a relative of his. It was confiscated by the airport authorities who do not let anyone take more than a certain amount of money out of the country; they also took some of my own money. Do I have to repay the person whose money it was?


Praise be to Allah.

The person to whom the money was given is a trustee, and if the money in his care was lost without any wrongdoing on his part, then he does not have to pay any compensation. If the matter is as you say, then you do not have to give him anything in return.

And Allaah is the source of strength. May Allaah bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

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Source: Al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 3/7