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References to propagational issues


Publication : 24-01-1998

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Bismilla Arrahman Arraheem
Dear shaikh , Assalamu Alaycom wa Rahmatu Allah Wabaracatu.
In your book "MASA'IL Fi ADA'WA wa ATTARBIA" that was written in the 15th of Ramadan 1412 Hijri in the fourth chapter "Al-iftiqar ila Attaswurat Al-islamiya" page #36 you answered with fifty 50 titles and in the end of the page you mentioned that you have the intention to prepare a reference for every subject from the fifty subjects or titles that you mentioned earlier .PLEASE if you have written them please let me know how can I get them? because after reading these points I do believe that they are a must for every Invitor "DA'EE" to ALLAH and very important for any one wants to serve and work for ISLAM . When I was reading the titles and the thoughts you have written I considered them the practical instructions and guide lines which I really need as an invitor " Da'ee to Allah" as well as other brothers who are in the field of da'wa and establishing the Deen of Allah .
Again please let me know where can I get the books that you wrote under the titles mentioned above ?
Jazak Allahu Khaiyra Wassalamu Alaycum wa Rahmatu ALLAH wa Baracatu


Praise be to Allah.

I mentioned some of the topics you referred to in a book entitled "ad-Dalil ila Maraji al-Mawduat al-Islamiyyah" which also included references for such topics. The said book comes in 3 volumes of which only Volume 1 has been issued. Volumes 2 and 3 are being printed and will soon be made available by Dar al-Watan for Publishing, Riyadh. Other topics have been included in recorded lectures, teaching sessions and Islamic topics. Other topics need to be discussed and included.

I ask Allah to help us all serve His religion and the call to His way.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid