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He says adhkaar but bad things happen to him


There is a man who regularly recites adhkaar, but despite that, bad things happen to him. Could it be that he is doing something to cancel out his adhkaar?


Praise be to Allah.

Perhaps what is meant here is that this man has done some bad things (makroohaat – things which are disliked), or he has committed some sins, and he fears that his good deeds, including his daily adhkaar, will be cancelled out. On this basis we advise him to keep on reciting the adhkaar and awraad, and to give up the bad deeds, for good deeds wipe out bad deeds, and when he repents to Allaah, his bad deeds will be wiped out and his good deeds will be multiplied. He should not despair of the mercy of Allaah or stop doing righteous deeds. If what is meant here is that this man recites awraad regularly, but some disasters (punishments) still happen to him, such as physical sickness and financial problems, and he fears that his adhkaar are unacceptable and are not having the effect of protecting him and keeping him safe, we say to him, Do not worry, because disasters and trials befell the Prophets and the righteous, but that did not detract from their good or mean that their adhkaar were not accepted; on the contrary, that happened in order to raise their status and multiply their reward.

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Source: Al-Lu’lu’ al-Makeen min Fataawa al-Shaykh ibn Jibreen, p. 66