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References (video and audio tapes and books) for non-Muslims


Publication : 25-07-2002

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In our city, we started a new project called "Islamic Information Center". The main objective of this project is to intoduce Islam for non-muslims. We are trying now to get some information regarding the best materials (Dawa kit) that are suitable for this aim.
We started our plan by getting these information as a first step and In Shaa Allah we will follow it by getting many copies of these (Dawa kit) and distribute them in the bublic libraries in our city and so on. We think that the Dawa Kit should consist of the following: a book or at most 2 books, one or two audio tapes, one or two video tapes.So, my questions now are:
To your best knowledge: 
What is/are the best book(s) "remember: for nonmuslims not muslims"? "not more than 2" 
What is/are the best audio tape(s)? "not more than 2" What is/are the best video tape(s)?   "not more than 2"
I think that the material should be:
a) attractive,
b) not very long, breif.
c) simple but not weak.
I would be grateful if you answered the above questions.


Praise be to Allah.

1 – Books which we recommend for non-Muslims: 

1.Kayfa tadkhul fi’l-Islam (How to enter Islam) by Muhammad Sulaymaan al-Ashqar

2.Laa tahzan (Do not grieve?) by Shaykh ‘Aa’id al-Qarani  

2 – Audio tapes which we recommend for non-Muslims: 

1.Da’wah li’l-Ta’ammul (Invitation to think) by Shaykh Ali al-Qarani. 

3 – Video tapes which we recommend: 

1.Innahu’l-Haqq (It is truth) by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Majeed al-Zandaani

2.The debates of Ahmad Deedat

 the following books, available in English, may also be suitable: 

For the Seeker of Truth

Lessons for New Muslims

(A package published by Darussalaam, Riyadh).

May Allaah help you to do that which He loves and which pleases Him.

And Allaah knows best. 

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