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She wants to wear the Saudi abayah in her own country


Publication : 08-08-2006

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I wear niqaab and dress Saudi style. The problem is that our situation is difficult in our country. My friends say to me: So that you will not be stared at, you should wear niqaab and dress as Moroccan women do. The difference between the Saudi style and the Moroccan style is that the Moroccan jilbab shows the shoulders and I cannot uncover the shoulders. The Saudi abayah that goes over the head is more comfortable for me but the stares in the street bother me and they look scared of me. My question is: What should I do? I only want to wear the Saudi style.


Praise be to Allah.

So long as the Moroccan style is covering and wide, and covers all the body, it is better for you to wear it, so that you will be like other righteous women in your country, and you will avoid wearing clothes that single you out and attract stares and may cause you harm unnecessarily. 

You can wear a khimar on your head that will come down over your shoulders, and this will serve the purpose of covering the shoulders.

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And Allaah knows best.

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