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Before sending in your question, kindly search for an answer on our site by way of the Search engine. You may either search by keyword or subject. If you do not find an answer to your question, proceed with sending your question while keeping the following in mind:
1. Kindly phrase your question accurately; make your question clear and keep it as short as possible.
2. Kindly restrict yourself to just one question per submission. Should you send more than one question in per submission, either you will receive an email from us asking you to select only one question or the first of the questions only will be answered.
3. If using "foreign" words (from another language), please translate them into English.
4. In order to receive a response to your email:
a. Enter your email address correctly.
b. Please save our email, [email protected] in order to avoid your mail from going to our Junk Box.
5. If you are Arabic speaker, select "Arabic" so can receive the answer in Arabic.
We kindly request that you full the spaces correctly and accurately so the response is more accurate and suited to the questioner.