Friday 17 Thu al-Qa‘dah 1440 - 19 July 2019

What is the ruling on giving the adhaan at the graveside?


Here in Bangladesh we call Adhaan at the grave after burying the dead. People are divided over this matter; some say it is permissible to do so while some say it is not. What is the right opinion regarding this matter?.


Praise be to Allaah.

It is not permissible to give the adhaan or iqaamah at the graveside after burying the deceased, or in the grave before burying him, because this is an innovation (bid’ah). It is proven that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever introduces anything into this matter of ours that is not part of it will have it rejected.” Agreed upon, from the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her). 

And Allaah is the Source of strength. May Allaah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions. End quote. 

Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Razzaaq ‘Afeefi, Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Ghadyaan, Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Qa’ood 

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