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Ruling on using kohl, henna and cosmetics


What is the ruling on women using kohl and some cosmetics during the day in Ramadaan? Do these things break the fast or not?


Praise be to Allah.

Kohl does not break the fast of either women or men, according to the more correct opinion of the scholars, but using it at night is preferable for one who is fasting. The same applies to other things that are used to beautify the face such as soap, creams and so on, which has to do with the outer layer of the skin. That also includes henna, make-up and the like, but make-up should not be used if it will harm the face. 

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Source: Fatwa of Shaykh Ibn Baaz from Kitaab al-Fataawa al-Jaami’ah, vol. 1, p. 349