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Her husband is not satisfying her sexual desire


Publication : 08-09-2002

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I know that I am supposed to go to him when he calls me to his room, even if I'm not in the apropriate mood. I also know that lying is a despicable thing, but pleasing my husband is utmost on my mind. So is it wrong of me to fake having a sexual climax with my husband? This is a terrible problem for me, because I don't want to lie, but it embarasses my husband if he cannot fulfill my pleasure. This pretending is hard to stop, and also extremely embarassing for me to admit to my husband. Please help me, and also remember me in your du'ahs.


Praise be to Allah.

We ask Allah to reward you with good for your patience and for fulfilling your husband’s desires in obedience to the command of your Lord. 

The solution to the problem you mention is by speaking frankly. That does not mean embarrassing your husband or accusing him of being inconsiderate. This problem often stems from the fact that the husband is not aware that there is a problem at all, not from the fact that he is inconsiderate. The husband may go ahead and have intercourse and not pay attention to some things that he should be doing, one of which is fulfilling his wife’s needs. Perhaps you could benefit by reading some books on the topic which explain the basis of the relationship and intimacy between a man and a woman such as Tuhfat al-‘Aroos by Mahmood Mahdi Istanbuli. 

The point is that there is nothing wrong with speaking to your husband about this matter, and suggesting that he read about it. Speaking frankly is preferable to suffering in this manner, and the problem can be solved easily. 

This does not excuse the woman from sharing some of the responsibility. She also has things that she must do, such as adorning herself for her husband, being loving towards him and encouraging him to be intimate with her.  

We ask Allah to set the Muslims’ affairs straight. 

And Allah knows best.

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