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Is it permissible to sponsor non-Muslim orphans


Can I sponsor non-Muslim orphans, whose mothers are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or otherwise?


Praise be to Allah.

Sponsoring non-Muslim orphans is permissible, subject to two conditions:

1.. That it is not affect the sponsoring of Muslim orphans.

2.. That those orphans should be under the care of Muslims, and living among them. If they are still with their non-Muslim families or in non-Muslim lands, in their institutions and centres, then it is not permissible to sponsor them.

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Jibreen may Allah preserve him) was asked:

Something that is no secret to you is the immense reward for sponsoring an orphan. There are some charitable committees and organisations who play a great role in sponsoring some orphans in different countries, and in that country there may be Muslims, Christians or others. Is it permissible to sponsor Christian orphans in order to achieve the following purposes:

1.. Calling them to Islam

2.. Having a positive influence on the orphans’ relatives in the hope that they will become Muslim?

Please note that there are Muslim orphans, some of whom are sponsored and some who are not yet sponsored.

He replied:

It is not permissible to sponsor Christian orphans if they are in their own country and living among other Christians, because in most cases after they grow up they will continue to live among the Christians, and will continue to follow their religion and disbelief. So in that case, the one who sponsors them will have helped the disbelievers and cooperated with them so that disbelief will continue and become stronger. This is in contrast to the case of the Christian children who are brought out from the land of disbelief and settled among the Muslims, and they are cut off from any ties with the Christian community, because in that case they will grow up following the religion of those who sponsor them. That is because every child is born in a state of fitrah (natural human disposition) and only change because of the way in which he is brought up. Moreover, if there are Muslim orphans in some countries who are in need of support, they are more deserving of care and sponsorship than Christian children, and than the children of innovators such as the Raafidis, Sufis, Ibaadis and so on.

And Allah knows best. May Allah send blessings and peace upon Muhammad and his family and companions.

Fatwa no. 7907 on the Shaykh’s website.

And Allah knows best.

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