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What is Said Just Prior to Intercourse


I have a question that everyone I asked had a different answer for. Does the Muslim have to say anything during the sexual intercourse "nikkah"?, and does the Muslim "husband and wife " have to pray before the first day of sexual intercourse "nikkah"?
Thank you for having this website to help us understand our religion more.

Praise be to Allah;

Among the manners prescribed by the shari’ah is that the Muslim should say when he commences intercourse with his wife:

"bismillaah, oh Allaah, shield us from Satan and keep him away from us and from what You [may] bestow upon us (i.e. children)" narrated by Al-Bukhari, Fath ul-Baari # 138

[transliteration: "bismillaah, allaahumma jannibnash-shaytaana wa jannib-ash-shaytaana maa razaqtana"]

This opening invocation is useful in that if Allaah blesses the husband and the wife with a child, this child will not be harmed by Satan.

As for what is to be said by the husband when consummating the marriage with his wife,(please refer to Question# 854 which has been answered previously) .

Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

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