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1 He forgot to enter ihram on the plane; should he go back to the miqaat and enter ihram from there?
2 She was financially and physically able but she did not do Hajj because she had no mahram, then she died. Is it obligatory to do Hajj on her behalf?
3 Should he gave precedence to Hajj over taking a second wife?
4 Disability does not mean that prayer is not obligatory
5 Waswasah regarding purity (taharah) and how to deal with it
6 No zakaah is required on wealth that is given as a waqf to help people get married
7 Etiquette of giving advice
8 Is it acceptable to say that Allah is beyond place and time?
9 The virtue of one who regularly offers the five daily prayers and does them as enjoined
10 Grave disagreement and arguments between the spouses; should we advise them to get divorced?
11 Is zakaah due on what a Muslim owns of cars and houses?
12 Ruling on prize draws in shopping centres
13 Reflections upon the hadith of the cistern, and the groups whom the angels will push away from it
14 Bearing in mind the meaning of the words and actions of the prayer
15 The difference between zakaah and taxes
16 How can a sick person pray who, if he stands up he is not able to sit down, and if he sits down he is not able to stand up?
17 Ruling on making up six days of Shawwaal in Dhu’l-Qa‘dah
18 Using someone else’s internet connection
19 He is asking about a source for a report from Abu Haneefah and ‘Ali about their view that women who were pregnant and breastfeeding should make up the fasts and do not have to offer the fidyah
20 He committed zina during the day in Ramadan, and is afraid that if he fasts two consecutive months he will be exposed to shame, so can he feed sixty poor persons?
21 They committed a shameful deed during the day in Ramadan, and they were unaware that it is obligatory to offer expiation
22 Is it bid‘ah to add to the takbeeraat of Eid salawaat upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and wives?
23 He is asking about playing recordings of the takbeer during the days of Eid
24 Her nifaas is intermittent and the bleeding is very light. Should she fast?
25 If he does not serve tea and coffee to his bosses who are not fasting, they may fire him from his job
26 Ruling on using plasma injections to treat hair loss; does it break the fast?
27 Her menses ended but there is still some blood in the urine; should she fast?
28 She drank water when she was unsure of whether dawn had broken
29 He had intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadan, under the influence of drugs
30 The wisdom behind the chaining up of the devils in Ramadan
31 Can a Hanbali treat with cupping (hijamah) someone who does not think that cupping breaks the fast?
32 The post-partum bleeding (nifaas) stopped, then she saw some drops of blood; what is the ruling on her fasting in that case?
33 The hadith “If dawn comes when a person is junub, he should not fast”
34 If he swallows saliva after it came out to the lips, does that break the fast, and is there scholarly consensus on the issue?
35 Does having a lumbar puncture break the fast?
36 Ruling on selling food during the day in Ramadan to non-Muslims
37 Ruling on eating after the adhaan for Fajr because of uncertainty as to whether the timing of the adhaan is correct
38 Should he start with tawaaf of ‘umrah or taraweeh?
39 She prescribed a nebuliser to a patient and told him that it did not break the fast, then she found out that it does break the fast. What should she do?
40 Can we rely on Ramadan timetables?
41 What is the ruling on breaking the fast because of hunger or thirst?
42 Ruling on breaking the fast in order to play football (soccer) when travelling and otherwise, and the ruling on travelling fans breaking the fast
43 He took a bit of dry skin off his lips when he was fasting, then swallowed it with his saliva
44 He forced her into sex during the day in Ramadan, and she refused then she gave in; does she have to offer expiation?
45 Should she obey her father and not fast?
46 Is it proven that fasting Ramadan in Madinah is equivalent to fasting seventy Ramadans elsewhere?
47 It is obligatory to offer expiation for anal intercourse during the day in Ramadan
48 He thought that his fast had been spoiled, but he refrained from eating out of respect for the sanctity of the month, then it became clear that it had not been spoiled; does he have to make up that day?
49 What should a worshipper do if his gums start to bleed whilst he is praying?
50 Will the Muslim be rewarded for refraining from sin whatever the case?
51 How can the Muslim intend his whole life to be for Allah?
52 Guidelines on sincerity in one’s deeds
53 Which takes precedence: making up missed Ramadan fasts or fasting in expiation for breaking an oath or fulfilment of a vow?
54 She is not sure whether she formed the intention to make up a missed Ramadan fast before dawn or not, so she changed her intention to observing a voluntary fast
55 Observing voluntary fasts before making up fasts from Ramadan
56 Every monotheist will enter Paradise, so why should the Muslims strive?
57 Why did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and his two companions flee from the battlefield and hide in the cave?
58 How did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) know how to pray when he led the Prophets in prayer?
59 If someone is sick and unable to move, and the time for prayer comes and it is not possible to do wudoo’ and pray, what should he or she do?
60 All of the Qur’an is good, but some parts are more special that others
61 Is it permissible to delay prayer in order to solve problems?
62 Will it be possible for any of the people of Paradise to ask his Lord to make him among those of the highest degrees?
63 Ruling on “peeling” procedures to remove freckles and dark spots from the body
64 Is Paradise of different levels? Will the people of the lower levels visit the people of the higher levels?
65 Is a payment of life insurance regarded as part of the estate?
66 Belief in the Prophets and Messengers is one of the pillars of faith, not belief in the Messengers only
67 Is it prescribed to seek forgiveness (istighfaar) after naafil prayers?
68 Love for the sake of Allah is one of the strongest bonds of faith
69 Does chatting between the sexes on social media sites come under the heading of khulwah that is forbidden?
70 Ruling on a woman removing facial hair by laser
71 How to deal with love for the opposite sex before marriage
72 What are the results of pairing faith with righteousness?
73 Does there have to be love between husband and wife?
74 Is it essential to wash away dirt under the nails when doing wudoo’?
75 Is it permissible for him to give his Christian classmate a ride to the church in hopes of softening his heart towards Islam?
76 If someone does not believe in the Last Day, no faith or righteous deeds will benefit him at all
77 Can he take back the zakaah of his wealth if he gave it to a poor person then found out that he did not need it?
78 What is the ruling on using an injection of olive oil over which ruqyah has been recited into the vagina
79 Ruling on deliberately uttering the word of divorce in a program for treating OCD
80 What are the means of making death, the grave and the Day of Resurrection stations of joy and happiness?
81 He receives dollars from a customer in America to exchange them for pounds in his country, in return for commission
82 Physical action is an essential part of faith without which faith is not sound
83 How sound is the hadith about the virtue of shaking hand with one’s wife when entering the home?
84 He owns half of the company’s capital and takes an extra percentage in return for managing the company; how should he pay zakaah?
85 What is meant by saying “Allah is in heaven”
86 He owns a gold watch; how can he dispose of it in such a way that he does not commit any infraction?
87 The virtue of catching up with the opening takbeer is not cancelled out by putting two prayers together in the mosque
88 Going to horoscope pages and channels in order to refute them
89 The ruling on adding “ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem” when mentioning the name of Allah before doing wudoo’
90 Ruling on giving zakaah to charitable organisations that help displaced people and migrants
91 Does he have to return the money that his brother spent on him?
92 Ruling on the allowance that the state gives her to look after an orphan
93 Are wudoo’ and ghusl valid when there is dried blood on a wound?
94 Mourning for the husband, and what is required during this period according to the four madhhabs
95 Who are the people of the Qur’an who are the people of Allah and the closest to Him?
96 He was entrusted with something and did not take proper care of it, and he has no wealth; could he be given zakaah to pay off this trust?
97 He did not utter the word of divorce or write it down, but he asked the lawyer to issue the wife a threat of divorce
98 How can he complete what he starts?
99 Ruling on the teacher imposing a financial penalty on students who fall short
100 Her husband spends his wealth on haraam things; can she take some of it without his knowledge to save it for the children?