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1 On the issue of whether ignorance is a valid excuse
2 Is it permissible to allow some of his children to build on the land to the exclusion of others?
3 Ruling on promoting Amazon products, and the ruling on use of cookies
4 Is it acceptable for his salary to be a percentage of the income of the dentist’s clinic, in addition to a fixed amount?
5 He prayed in a direction opposite to the qiblah out of ignorance
6 Why children rebel against parents and how to deal with it
7 He said to her “I divorce you” or “You are divorced” with the intention of threatening and scaring her
8 a seeker of knowledge conveys to people the fatwas of scholars in response to their questions, but he is not sure about the ruling on that
9 What is the ruling on someone who describes another person as a Jew, meaning that he is miserly or greedy?
10 Rulings for one who is late for the congregational prayer
11 Will there be any good left at times of tribulation? And how can one protect oneself from tribulations?
12 How to form frendships
13 What are the hindrances to faith and what promotes it?
14 Is the Arab Muslim better than the non-Arab Muslim?
15 Leaving Treatment for a Terminally Ill Child Expected to Die at a Certain Age
16 What are the husband’s obligations towards his children and his ex-wife who has custody of them?
17 Who is the accountable person who must enter Islam, and follow its teachings?
18 Watching animated movies and shows that contain matters contrary to Islamic belief or associate others with Allah
19 Khushoo‘ (proper focus and humility) in prayer
20 He made divorce conditional upon something, then he forgot what it was
21 She does not like the name that her husband chose for the baby girl, and she calls her by a different name
22 Ruling on working in a pharmacy and making or selling medicines containing alcohol or haraam gelatine
23 Ruling on the wealth of an Alzheimer’s patient who entrusted it to the care of someone else before she became sick
24 If the husband disappears without a trace, who is obliged to spend on his wife?
25 Ruling on participating in a social solidarity fund for a group of doctors
26 One type of disbelief (kufr) is disbelief because of doubt
27 Ruling on working in a pharmacy in which some of the medicines contain haraam ingredients
28 Ruling on naming a daughter after her mother
29 He got sick on the day of Eid; should he delegate someone to stone the Jamrah on his behalf, or should he delay stoning the Jamaraat until the last of the days of at-tashreeq?
30 He did sa‘i on the day of Eid and delayed tawaf al-ifaadah until the following day
31 Did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) touch the Black Stone in every circuit?
32 He is assailed by doubts because he no longer focuses on his prayer
33 Buying a share (in an animal) for the udhiyah, sharing with one who wants to offer a wedding feast, and the minimum amount that is required for the wedding feast
34 He vowed to fast for an entire month; can he make it Dhu’l-Hijjah?
35 Ruling on working as a programmer for a company that sells some unlawful items
36 What should a menstruating woman do when there is an eclipse?
37 How to offer the eclipse prayer
38 Specialties in scientific and technological fields, the ummah’s need for them, and guidelines and advice thereon
39 Is it permissible to offer the hadiy of tamattu‘ outside the Haram?
40 Should the fidyah for committing an act prohibited whilst in ihram be paid in the Haram or in the place where the transgression occurred?
41 Is it essential to form a specific intention (niyyah) for tawaf?
42 He did ‘umrah several times but did not do sa‘i, then he got married
43 She got her menses before doing tawaf al-ifaadah and could not stay in Makkah
44 What is the ruling on doing tawaf and sa‘i in the electric scooters in the Haram?
45 She did Hajj ifraad with her husband and they failed to do sa‘i
46 Conditions and obligatory parts of tawaf
47 Can a woman tie a cover over her face when in ihram?
48 If he did ‘umrah during the months of Hajj, intending to do Hajj in the same year, is he doing tamattu‘ even if he intended to do ifraad?
49 Entering ihram from the miqaat is one of the obligatory parts of Hajj
50 A Christian woman wants to stipulate that if they become Muslim, her husband should not take a second wife
51 Scholarly consensus (ijmaa‘) as binding proof and the first consensus that occurred in Islam
52 Is there a contradiction between being created to worship Allah and being created in order to be tested?
53 Ruling on bones from non-halal meat and vessels made from them
54 Criticising someone in his presence or in his absence
55 Ruling on consuming foods containing lanolin
56 Is he sinning if he ignores the view of someone who gave him a fatwa because he did not mention the evidence for his fatwa?
57 None of the hadiths about the timing of cupping are saheeh
58 Devilish whispers – their causes and remedy
59 If he says to his wife, “Divorce [talaaq]” or “You are divorce”
60 The company tells him to charge more for a ticket if the customer uses a credit card
61 Ruling on making money by surfing websites and ads, and making referrals
62 Ruling on recording university lectures without the permission of the lecturer
63 Ruling on living in an apartment above a church
64 Ruling on doing righteous deeds with the aim of worldly gain
65 Can a divorced woman pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of herself and her children to their father?
66 Is one niyyah (intention) sufficient for making up missed fasts if one intends to do them consecutively?
67 She did not fast because she was unaware that fasting was obligatory for her; does she have to make up the fasts?
68 Guideline on moving from fasting to feeding the poor in the case of expiation for intercourse during the day in Ramadan
69 Is it permissible for a charity to give out zakat al-fitr before receiving it from donors?
70 The addition of the word “kareem” in the du‘aa’ of Laylat al-Qadr is not proven
71 If there is an error in the moon sighting, and it is proven that we did not fast on one day of Ramadan, do we have to make it up?
72 His deputy gave the zakaah of his wealth in the form of foodstuff; is that acceptable or does he have to give it again?
73 Is it permissible for one who is sick to have intercourse with his Christian wife during the day in Ramadan?
74 He appointed his sister to distribute his zakaah but she refused to do it; does he have to give it again?
75 Righteous deeds in Makkah are better than those done elsewhere, but we do not know to what degree they are better, except in the case of prayer
76 How to purify the Mus-haf of impurity that has gotten onto it
77 Ruling on selling groceries during the day in Ramadan
78 He is working in Europe and has wealth in euros and in pounds in his own country; how should he work out his zakaah?
79 Flexibility in paying the fidyah for an elderly person who cannot fast; it may be paid at the beginning or end of the month, or after the month has ended
80 Meaning of the phrase “(Ta‘aala jadduka (Exalted by Your Majesty)” in du‘aa’ al-istiftaah
81 Ruling on sending pictures of water, juice and food to a fasting person to annoy him
82 Concealing righteous deeds, and rejoicing in people’s praise for them
83 If a traveller is not sure whether he should fast or not, then he decides to fast after dawn breaks
84 The reward for spending on one’s wife and children
85 If a person formed the intention to fast from the night before, then he ate several times during the day by mistake, is his fast valid?
86 Ruling on injections and intravenous fluids for one who is fasting, and the impact of the intention (niyyah) on invalidating the fast
87 She lost a lot of weight due to illness; is it permissible for her not to fast?
88 Ruling on buying gold over the phone and receiving it one or two days later
89 What is the best approach to provide a proper Islamic education?
90 Ruling on giving the reward for righteous deeds to all the Muslims
91 Deeds that will weigh heavily in the balance
92 Serious consequences of falling short in raising children
93 The virtue of remembering Allah (dhikr), may He be exalted; is everyone who remembers Allah little a hypocrite?
94 Guidelines on permissible and unlawful work in the West
95 Ruling on zakaah on money in a charitable fund
96 He wants to marry a non-Muslim woman who became Muslim, but her husband has not divorced her
97 Soundness of the hadith which says that Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, descends on the night of the fifteenth of Sha‘baan to the lowest heaven
98 Is it permissible to complete the Qur’an every day? How are we to understand the proven reports which say that the salaf used to complete it in less than three days?
99 234196 Is it permissible to work in a company whose computer software are copied? Question: Allah, may He be exalted, has guided me and enabled me to erase the unlicensed software that was on my computer, but if Allah blesses me with a job on the com
100 A plea for help from a mother whose son was righteous then he became an atheist