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The Benefit of Shaving the Newborn's Head


Publication : 08-01-1998

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Is the act of shaving a newborn baby's head rooted in Islam? What is the purpose of doing this, and is it referenced in the Qurran?


Praise be to Allah.

The Benefit of Shaving the Newborn's Head Newborn head shaving is Sunna on the seventh day from his birth and the Proof for that what was said by Al-Emam Ahmad, Al Niessai, Abou Dawood, Al-Termethi, and Ibn Maja about Samra that Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah Upon Him): "Boy is contingented upon his Akika so Sacrifice for him on the seventh day and Shave his head by God's name ". Sunan ul-Termathi number 1522. Al-Termethi said: This hadith is Good and Authentic.

Al-Emam Ahmad narrated in his Musnad about Salman Bin Aamer about Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah Upon him) said: "With a person is his Akika so free him of the sacrifice and of from harm." He said that Ibn Sereen used to say if removing harm from him did not mean shaving the head, then I don't know what it is.

Ibn Al-Qayem (Allah's mercy upon him) said about the benefit of shaving the newborn's hair: Shaving his head removes the harm from him, removes the weak hair so that stronger and firmer hair replaces it and it is beneficial for the head. In addition, it comforts the newborn and opens the head's skin openings... And along with this is a strengthening of his eye sight, his sense of smell and hearing. Refer to Ahkamul Tifl: Ahmad Al-Eesawee 192.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaimeen said: It appears that shaving the head on that day has a positive effect on the hair roots. Refer to Al-Sharh Al-Mumtiaa' 7/540.

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Source: Refer to Al-Sharh Al-Mumtiaa' 7/540